How Melbourne\\\’s Support Coordinators Work

Support Coordinators Melbourne

Starting your plan and enrolling in the NDIS may be both an exciting and difficult moment. There are several things to consider, like locating the best services, organising a variety of assistance, and keeping everything on schedule. You can engage with knowledgeable Support Coordinators Melbourne to launch your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan. You can live the life you want and need to with the help of our programme. We have supported the NDIS since its inception and are here to ensure that you get the most out of your NDIS Plan.

Together, you can:

  • Recognize your plan and the supports and services you want to use
  • Make connections with the NDIS service providers who are best for you.
  • Organize help from standard services including housing, health, and education
  • Overcome obstacles and find solutions.
  • Feel more assured about managing your plan on your own in the future.

Coordinators of specialised support

We also have skilled Specialist Support Coordinators in Melbourne accessible to help you. For those with more complex or severe demands, a time-limited service called Specialist Support Coordination is available. Our experts use their knowledge to support you as you manage obstacles, meet difficulties, and lessen risks and complexity related to your particular situation. To make sure everything works effectively together, this can entail putting you in touch with a variety of assistance, such as health, education, or judicial services.

Remaining in contact throughout

We’ll spend some time getting to know you in person when you start with CBCHS. We’ll speak about your objectives and requirements as well as the services you want to use. Your support coordinator will routinely check in with you and your disability service in Melbourne providers to make sure everything is going according to plan. At significant junctures in your plan, reports are generated, and a meeting is scheduled to discuss your long-term objectives and requirements.

Who is eligible for these services?

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) provides funding for support coordination, which is earmarked to help you carry out your plan. Talk to your planner about any assistance you might require while you create your NDIS plan. Do you have access to financing through the Department of Veterans Affairs, WorkCover, or the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), for example? If necessary, we can help you coordinate your services.

We prioritise people

According to CBCHS, everyone should be given the chance to live the life they desire, in their own way, and create the future they see. When we come together as a team to deliver integrated disability services in Melbourne that prioritise the voices of the people we assist and fight for, we perform at our best. We concentrate on meeting the requirements of the entire person and provide a comprehensive service that results in long-lasting improvement in people’s lives.

We obstruct negative

Our main goal is to open up new opportunities for disadvantaged kids, teens, and adults. As we find more chances for good change, our selection of disability services in Melbourne and our presence keep growing.

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